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We use scientific evidence to guide the creation of our products. We aim to create products that are more effective, more easily accessible and personal than anything on the market. To date we have created uControlDrink, a web and mobile based platforms to assist addiction therapists in supporting clients to control their alcohol consumption and live a happier healthier life. Our products aim to be personal, individualised and evidence based. We also are developing and testing  uControlDrugs, a smartphone mobile platform to assist addiction therapists and clinicians in supporting clients with an opiate or drug abuse problem.


UControlDrink is delivered on the web through a responsive website, with an accompanying native iOS and Android application. UControlDrink has been designed by experts in addiction therapy, by experts in user experience, and constructed by award-winning digital media experts. It uses interactive media, retentive techniques, recovery activities and baseline goals to assist alcohol misusers on their journey, supported by their therapist. UControlDrink’s components have been chosen from a range of technology-based interventions in alcohol misuse that have been scientifically evaluated and proven effective. These include computerised CBT, text messaging support and Smartphone based app support. Below is a link to the uControlDrink website if you would like to learn more


uControlDrugs to come in 2021