Get uControlDrink an easy-to-use mobile app using proven Cognitive Behavioural Techniques to help you:
• Choose your goals
• Reprogram your mindset
• Stay the course
Be more healthy — Start now!

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For only £9.99 get an entire year of 24/7 unlimited access to the uControlDrink interactive mobile app.



• Understand why you drink
• Identify and avoid triggers
• Learn to control urges
• Substitute healthier life-style choices

Get back on track.

“…I found logging overcoming triggers and recovery activities positive and motivating.”


An easy, follow along mobile app with:

  • 12 multi-media cognitive behaviour based support sessions
  • Activities log to track positive recovery activities
  • Triggers tracking log
  • A drink log to track progress
  • Craving intervention
  • Motivational text messaging support

Class 1 Medical Device Certified


How it works

1. Click the button to sign up

2. Our team will email to arrange a 15 minute appointment to onboard you

3. Download the app and get started!

Stay the course for your “Dry January”!


 I found it kept me accountable and was a reminder of my journey.”

Proven to work

In a Randomised Control Trial of 100+ users, those using the uControlDrink app showed a much larger reduction than those not using the app.


24/7 access to a clinically proven behavioural change program —all from your pocket!

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is scientifically proven to work
  • Self-directed, convenient, discreet & secure
  • No travel time or expense
  • There when you need it —24/7
  • Easy to use and good value

Available anytime, anywhere, any device.

Make this year the start of new healthy choices that last.

For a single payment of only £9.99, get a program by a psychologist with 30+ years expertise in alcohol mis-use.

Change starts now!

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